2021 QLED Cashback

Purchase an eligible 2021 QLED TV and be rewarded with cashback into your account, via redemption. The amount of cashback you receive is dependent on the TV model purchased and detailed in the table below. This promotion is applicable to participating TVs purchased from 12 May 2021 – 22 June 2021.

Please note that all claims must be registered below by 22 July 2021, even if you do not yet have a serial number. To register your claim without the serial number, enter 0000 into the form field. In order to complete your claim and receive your cashback, serial numbers must be provided before 22 December 2021 and you must have registered before the cutoff. See Terms and conditions for further details.

Any questions, please email nzpromotions@samsung.com

Category 2021 SKU Cashback Amount
Neo QLED 8K TV QA85QN900ASXNZ $1,000.00
Neo QLED 8K TV QA75QN900ASXNZ $1,000.00
Neo QLED 8K TV QA65QN900ASXNZ $1,000.00
Neo QLED 8K TV QA85QN800ASXNZ $1,000.00
Neo QLED 8K TV QA75QN800ASXNZ $1,000.00
Neo QLED 8K TV QA65QN800ASXNZ $1,000.00
Neo QLED 4K TV QA85QN90AASXNZ $1,000.00
Neo QLED 4K TV QA75QN90AASXNZ $1,000.00
Neo QLED 4K TV QA65QN90AASXNZ $600.00
Neo QLED 4K TV QA55QN90AASXNZ $400.00
Neo QLED 4K TV QA50QN90AASXNZ $400.00
Neo QLED 4K TV QA85QN85AASXNZ $600.00
Neo QLED 4K TV QA75QN85AASXNZ $600.00
Neo QLED 4K TV QA65QN85AASXNZ $600.00
Neo QLED 4K TV QA55QN85AASXNZ $400.00
QLED 4K TV QA65Q80AASXNZ $400.00
QLED 4K TV QA55Q80AASXNZ $400.00
QLED 4K TV QA85Q70AASXNZ $600.00
QLED 4K TV QA75Q70AASXNZ $400.00
QLED 4K TV QA65Q70AASXNZ $250.00
QLED 4K TV QA55Q70AASXNZ $250.00
QLED 4K TV QA85Q60AASXNZ $400.00
QLED 4K TV QA75Q60AASXNZ $400.00
QLED 4K TV QA65Q60AASXNZ $250.00
QLED 4K TV QA55Q60AASXNZ $250.00

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